World, Will You Hold On?

When I try to remember my childhood, I get a visual of a tiny little creature, a little girl actually, who's quite quiet but she seems to be as large as the planet she's standing on, and she seems like she figured it all out. I remember I figured it all out..

The more I grow the more I realize, I'm years and years away from figuring it out. What's to figure out to begin with? I always knew there are things I didn't know, but now I'm not even sure of what I know.

It's like when I visit a link, and you click on another link, and another link, and then another, and then I end up with about 40 tabs opened on my Firefox browser, so I open Opera, to open another 30-40 tabs..

The tabs seem to grow in number, and my eyes don't seem to be able to grasp the content anymore.

I thought I knew, I knew I figured it out.. Now I know I don't, I know I don't know..

The visual I have now, is of a smaller creature, a smaller girl actually, with a world that never stops growing, exponentially! And she's running out of breath trying to catch it..

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