Sorry, but: There IS a difference between Christians and Muslims

Every day or two, I receive a request on Facebook to join a group dedicated to all those who love God, or to all those who love the prophet, or to the first 1000 who love the prophet, or to those who are against differences between Muslims and Christians, or that group about uniting Muslims and Christians, or those who hate Israel, or those who want to save Palestinians, or those who want to change the image of Islam by "showing the world how real Islam is" on Facebook walls. I'm sure that there are plenty of those groups for all religions, and all types of religious conflicts, but since My circle of friends happen to be centered in the Arab world, I receive mostly those who "tackle", if that's what they think they're doing, the Muslim-Christian issues, or the Israel-Palestine issues.

Of course, like all other requests, they annoy me. In fact the only groups I join are for those supporting young talents from my friends, or a friend's friend who opened a restaurant. Not that I've been in any of them, or seen the work of any of them, but it's just to show some support. And I leave other 1000 people other than me, show their love to this or that.

But what really strike me most of the times are those very patriotic group, who tend to show how solidly united citizens are (especially in Lebanon) by saying "there's no difference between Muslims and Christians" or vice versa. I just don't see how that can help people come closer together. This slogan of "no difference" what does it really bring to people? Why isn't it "there is a difference, hell yeah! But that's not the problem"? Is it just me who really strives to be unique in my own way in a world of over 6 Billion people? Or is there other people who also are proud of their differences? But anyway, it's not about individualism. It's about ideologies.

So what is exactly the problem if two religions are different? What is the problem if someone is a non believer and the other is a believer? In What way does that make one or the other less human? The problem is not the difference, the problem is the tendency of people to alienate everything that is different from them. First, they run to label themselves in groups, then they try to make everyone else seem stupid for not seeing that they're the right group, the chosen one. Then oh chosen ones, decide to be generous with people, in order to help them find peace, or sometimes to be in peace themselves, and they pretend that we are not different. That we all believe in the same thing, that we are alike.

What I still don't understand, is why do we label people based on beliefs? And why do we strive to be unique, then kill it all by wanting unity, by resorting to similarity. This need to belong, to be homogeneous, to be part of something bigger, to be part of a group. This basic human need that made the first man carve in a stone to create a statute to worship, to feel that he's not alone. This need, is really something intriguing, in this is what still stands, after years and years of evolution.


Happy 2010

It's a habit at the end of a year to look back as you look forward.. 2009 was a long year with a long list of changes, of disappointments, and of achievements as well..

2009 taught me that I love my country more than I thought I did. It also taught me that there's a big world outside the door, and you will never understand, and you will never understand how big it is.. So no need to waste your time..

Speaking of time, 2009 taught me the value of a second. A second spent with the love of your life, a second spent away from home, a second wasted in patience. It taught me that time is a marvelous concept, unique in the way you lose it as soon as you have it.. And you waste it just when you need it..

Need, is what you should be careful about. Never be in need of a selfish person even though being very independent will not get you more than loneliness. Know that you need some people, and that you need to ignore others.

Others are just those you don't even need to remember their name. They are this parasite that annoys you at times, and could suck the blood out of you at others. But you will often find the right antibiotic.

A right antibiotic can also be the right life partner. They do have their own magic powers capable of curing you of all the boredom in the world, all the depression, and can easily resolve, with one tender look, your deepest dilemmas.

One of the dilemmas I encountered in 2009 is the dilemma of whether to use the first cabin in the toilet or the last one. A lot of people use the first cabin of the toilet because it's the first. But then, a lot of people believe that since a lot of people think the first is most used, they use others instead, so in the end a lot of people avoid using the first which makes it the cleaner one. So is the first one really the best choice in terms of hygiene or the worst?

Worst moment of 2009 was when I ended up alone in a country I don't really like, suffering stagnation and vulgarity, far from the person I want to spend my life with, and far from the people I spent my life with up until 2009..

Up until 2009 I thought that when people shake their head and say "no problem", it means that they got your point and are going to proceed. Apparently it's not.

It's not a rumour: I am getting married in 2010; 2009 was a good year on the personal level even if it's disastrous on the professional one.

One - Just because someone keeps repeating that they're your friend, it doesn't mean they really are.
Two - Just because some people like to hear themselves, it doesn't mean I like to hear them too.
Three - just because you feel left out, it doesn't mean you're second best. A Number one donut is not in competition with a Number one coffee..
Four - If you don't feel like growing up, don't force yourself, just don't expect people to treat you like an adult either.

Five, my most valuable advice for 2009: never order a spaghetti in a Filipino restaurant!