I turn off the lights..
I turn off the music..
It's 9PM, still early for me to sleep..
I barely sleep either way..

Alone in the space of my own room, wanting to enjoy the silence.. My silence..
But I live in a crowded street, silence rarely drops by unless forced by some militia shootings..
And the sound of my washing machine.. In the next room..
I wanted to enjoy my silence.. my peace.. But it's just too loud! Too much noise..
I close the windows..
But, the sound of my washing machine..

"Exaspérée", and just as I decide to give up and turn on my music, It says: "DON'T!"
But there's no one around, except my washing machine..
Yet, it's hard not to figure it out.. You just know it.. The voice of your silence.. Coming deep from far away, from your anger and doubts, from your dreams, and your fears..

I exhale, in relief.. I've been trying to catch my silence for a while now.. I exhale, and I smile.. In the loneliness of my room, I'm happy.. Happy for my warrior is here.. Tonight..
"Now Now Baby girl! You didn't think I'd forget about you, did you? But I thought you'd forget about me, with your LOUD LOUD Summer, and Upbeat music! I thought wisdom holds no longer any taste for you.."
And I keep on smiling..
"Chupulu, I have few words to say to you before I go: Don't let go! You are a warrior, and you know it! So stop denouncing your fate, and live up to it! You don't know any better either way! So, Breathe! Stand up! Smile! And Fight! And most importantly, don't forget what you're fighting for! Don't engage yourself in meaningless battles! Just.."

Suddenly, the sound of my washing machine stops! Interrupting My silence!.. I have to go check on my laundry :)

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