Good Night

The night passes slowly.. Slower than usual, these days.. As if it's offering me all the time I need in the day, tempting me to go back to its realm, to my nocturnal life. But the day is when people live, and I chose a different path now, less lonely, less dark. Yet, creatures of the day seem to be more frightening than the ones of the night. Everything is more simple in the darkness, everything can happen in the darkness, with no consequences, with no thoughts of a tomorrow, with no thoughts of others. No judgment, just you and the night, conspiring against the world, winning all the battles.

But I'm a day person now.. So long all the battles I won, so long all the stars I burnt.. All the nocturnal efforts to lure me are in vain.. Only one thing left to say: Good Night!


Between insomnia and paranoia..

There's nothing worse when you write than the first sentence, this sentence.. The sentence were I should grab your attention to follow through until the last word. But tonight I don't care if you read or not.. I just write to distract myself from the noise of my neighbor's AC! Not that it's working, but at least seeing this white space getting filled with characters, meaningless as they are, is easier and less mentally disturbing than laying in bed, eyes wide open, counting the rounds of the engine humming, loud I may add..

Tonight, I don't write about grief, nor sorrow, I just write about frustration. Frustration and insomnia. About the trillions of thoughts that run through your head just when you need your mind to be clear. And all those yoga classes that should be paying off by helping you concentrate, by helping you organize.

The funny thing about "disturbia" is that when you experience a moment of peace, you're not relieved! You simply get paranoid, wondering what's the real problem now, and waiting for that humming to go back to assure you that everything is back to normal; and that you'll experience another night of insomnia, of frustration, and eventually of insanity..

And the best is yet to come..