Planetary Emergency

So apparantly, now, we're facing a planetary emergency! That's what Mr. Al gore announced in his speech supporting Obama's nomination.

"Mr Gore added that the US was "facing a planetary emergency" and that the ties of Mr McCain and the Republicans to big oil firms meant they would not act to end the country's reliance on fossil fuels." - BBC News

It's funny that the US, across the world from me, suddenly doesn't seem to be that far away. In the States, same as here, politicians are pretty good (or not!) at raising big slogans: "We Need to fight corruption.. We need a change. We need to stand up for our rights. Freedom. Democracy. Liberty. Equality. Etc."

But I have to give Al Gore the credit for his insightful thought: We're facing a PLANETARY EMERGENCY!

And just like in commercials for magical detergents, a deep reassuring voice comes from far away, with sparkles all around: "Oh yeah! But, don't you worry! Vote for Obbama, he'll get you off this planet in a blink of an eye.. ermm.. I mean he'll get you out of this crisis!"

Hail The Savior.. Obama for Presidency!

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