Ronald and I..

I've never been a fan of Mcdonalds. I can never swallow the food, if we can call that food! The Mcflurry is not that bad though.

But right now, I suddenly felt the need for Mcdonalds. Not the Big Mac, not the Mcflurry, and definitely not the McPlay area. But the need for that Ronald Macdonald!

I never sat next to him on that bench, I always found that yellow with red a little out of style. And I despised that stupid "I'm lovin' it" smile!

But for now, he's all I can think of. That little space next to him suddenly feels like the only place I want to be in for now.. This might sound desperate, to a lot of people. It sounds too desperate even for myself, but the story is far from desparation, and very far from loneliness.
As a matter of fact, the story is MY LIFE, and the truth is: "I'm lovin' it", and there's no smile to match the one I have now, except that of Ronald MCD!


RAUS said...

I suggest to you the Royal Cheese or the Royal Bacon. Pretty easy to swallow though.

Rawaa said...

Never saw any of those on Mcd's menus! I'll talk to Ronald about it..

Xena said...

cousin you are unique...never thaught about it as well but your words were touching that i am thinking of lovin' it as well :)