It's not about the shit! It's about how you deal with it!

Ok.. Let's talk about something serious today, something outside the center of my own personal existence. I know I write a lot about myself, and that this blog is called MY WORLD, as if I'm a solid entity by myself, able to exist isolated from the worlds around me. I wish.. We all wish we're that strong, we're that independent.. But when we are a world by ourselves, we're mostly alone, moreover, lonely..

Today, I talk about a neighboring world, in the real world. A country very well known around the globe as the land of the pharoes, the home of the pyramids, one of the seven wonders of the world.
Egypt, located in North Africa, part of the Arab world, long known for the Nile, the longest river of the world, and even though the Nile crosses other countries (Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Kenya); but mostly, when we talk about the Nile, we get the image of Egypt, maybe because that's where it finally rests in Alexandria, but most probably because of the pharoes' legends, and religious legends..

In the Arab world, Cairo, the capital of Egypt, holds the title of "Omm El Donia" (i.e. The mother of the world). It's also known to be the number one producer of movies and TV shows. The homeland of great arab thinkers, and writers. The land of Oum Kolthoum, the Lady of Arab Tarab. And so on, Cairo seems to be the cultural city of the Arab world.
Why did I suddenly move from my world, to the egyptian capital? Haven't I got enough material to talk about Lebanon? Of course I do, Lebanon by itself needs years and years of writing.. But in my opinion, it would be useless time spent, since I myself, don't really get what's going in this fucked up world of mine. Not thta Egypt seems to be holding on better, or to be more understoodable, but, let's go back to Egypt.

Couple of days ago, in the peak of my disappointment moments from my country, I sat there, in front of the TV. Something I rarely do. And as I was zapping, just for the sake of zapping (it's a very relaxing exercise by the way), I fall on a really intriguing commercial!
Synopsis: a mother with a newborn visits a doctor. The newborn is crying, and the mother is confused and worried about her child. The doctor, while conducting the test, discovers that the mother is using rags instead of diapers!! And then teh doctor starts elaborating on the importance of the use of diapers.

The ad is part of an awareness campaign launched recently in Egypt to create awareness on the importance of the importance of the use of synthetic diapers instead of dishrags.

I thought I was very aware of the problems of under-developed countries, but to see such a campaign, and in Egypt?! I'm almost 25 now, and my mom used diapers when I was born! It brought me a whole new concept of under-development!

They do not only suffer from political corruption, from fake democracy, and so on, but they suffer from ignorance of the basic personal hygiene!

As selfish as this may sound, but this ad made me feel slightly better towards my country! How? Well, at least we use disposable diapers to wipe off the shit we have!

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