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My golden rule in dealing with any matter is: "when you don't know any better, simply stick to the basics"
However, even though this rule has proven its efficiency throughout the years, I'm starting to question the basics!

Every year I go through 2 phases of reassessment! one around new year, and another around my birthday, which happens to be in the middle of the year, so it's quite convenient!

This year, I'm looking forward to my birthday, which rarely happens. But this year, my life seems to be one of those Dewars ads: "Some age, others mature!"

23 felt old. 24 feels mature :) Perhaps because I accepted the fact that there will always be around 3 years of your life that you barely remember living, but you lived them either way, and perhaps because I realized that it's not as old as I thought it was. See, old for me, is when you become helpless, and unable to fulfill your responsibilities as you used to. At 23, I felt old, it's True! I felt helpless!

24 is just beautiful, bringing a lot of power with it, a lot of clarity, a lot of confusion as well. A beautiful confusion, one that makes you aspire for more living in order to resolve it.

I changed a lot over the past year, but mostly, I changed more over the years before. This year, I'm simply going back to the basics! It's true people should evolve instead of going back, but, you see, I tried to evolve so much thinking that what i had was very primitive, when in fact it's pretty evolved. Of course a little tweaking is needed from time to time, new things to be acquired, old stuff to be thrown away, but extreme makeover is no longer an option. It shouldn't have been an option. The best way to evolve starts by pinpointing your strengths, realizing where they come from, and where they can take you. And then you move to your weaknesses and decide how to overcome them. Most people go the other way around, I went the other way around, thinking that first you need to overcome your weakness. But when you do, without realizing your strengths, you'll feel kinda lost! So, first, build a home of strengths to run to when you're through of the battles against your weaknesses.

So this year, I'm back to my strengths, and to my weaknesses, trying to live in peace with my needs, my desires, and my goals.

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