Forseen Heartbreak!

So there's this little boy, who's not so little by the way, and he fell in love with this little girl.. The beauty of love is that it really brings up a smile on your face, even if you're not the one involved..
So let's establish first that I'm not that little girl, and you're not that little boy either..

This is the story of little love, a love so sweet that you really can't help but smile at it, you can't help but put more hope in it, and light its way.. Even though you're 100% sure that this love will not last, that it's too little to survive life, that it's just too young..

That little boy will grow up, so would that little girl, but that love will remain little; and the more they grow up the little it will become.. But you still wouldn't manage to be cruel enough to tell them now that it will end, that they will end, and that what now seems to them larger than life, will become as tiny as a shining star, in a far far away sky..
It will end; they will end; but you will still smile whenever you come across a little love..

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