It was just today that I realized equilibrium was something I never had, and free fall is something I only have with you..

"And I know I'm not falling in love.. I'm just falling in pieces", from the song "Wreck of the Day".

I guess it's nothing but a refreshing fall, where your lungs open up, and you just scream your heart out, and you feel alive. Then you come back to earth, to stand up unbalanced. But it doesn't feel weird, it's like you spent your entire life, lacking of equilibrium, overwhelmed with abnormalities.

Fragile, as if a gentle summer breeze would be enough to roll you over, but it doesn't.. And you keep standing, unbalanced, carrying the burden of your own abnormalities.. And the last thing i remember of you is your image standing on one foot, carrying the world in one hand, my heart in the other, and trying to catch a fly with your tongue..

A free fall is something I'll only have with you, because no one is more unbalanced than you are to understand perfectly that equilibrium is not made for girls like me.

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Xena said...

Wlek ente yalli btafhame yya cousine...Habibi, soon this X stupid (world)will know who is behind the picture of the most sensitive and adorable girl in you.