Just a smile away..

It's hard to recognize you anymore.. nor myself.. It's like two different worlds drifting apart.. and apart.. We were never soulmates; that, I'm sure of! But you were always there to make it worth the stay, and I was always there to make the walk count..

Just like two lost souls souls hanging on to each other, until either one of us finds his own way.. I must say I don't think you found yours, even though you always pretended to have.. You were always certain, I was never sure! And that's why we were perfect: you to give me reassurance, and me to give you doubts.. And everyone else thought there were more into us, more than just two lost souls leaning on each other, until either one of us finds his way..

Just two lost souls who thought they had it all, but never really knew what to do about it.. And today, we're drifting further and further apart, with no possibilities ahead to meet again.. But then again I'm never sure, and you're always certain.. Always certain that you got it all figured out.. And I'm always sure we got it all wrong.

Then a little lost soul walks by, smiling.. It just seems it had it all, it just seemed nothing was wrong.. And now I'm sure, making sense was no more than just a smile away..

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