My Heart..

My heart is as light as a soap bubble
I watch it go up, higher and higher
And then, it just pops..
Vanishing, as if it never existed
As if it was always invisible to you
As if it was never noticed..

My heart is as fragile as a light bulb
I watch you throw stones at it
And then, it just pops..
Shattering, as if it was nothing
As if it was always scattered
As if it was never whole..

My heart is as heavy as a rock
I watch it stand on the edge of the world
And then, it just drops..
Sinking, deeper and deeper under water
As if it was always at rock bottom
As if it never saw the surface before..

And then, it just stops!


Nour K said...

wooow! thats just the most amazing poem ever! it's actually the first poem i ever read for you... but the first and last stanzas are the best... comparing it to a bubble and a rock, genious! :-)

Rawaa said...

:) thank you :$ Eh, I'm expanding into the poetry industry, but yours are still more interesting ;)