Planetary Tour..

This used to be my place when I want to scream.. I climb up the ladder and sit at the edge of the Moon.. But whenever I settle down, and get ready to shout, I noticed that huge blue ball, and just think how amazing it is to have your entire world at the size of a football, and that you feel you can just kick it anytime you like..

This used to be my place when I want to think.. I'd jump off the moon to land on Mars, and just take a walk, exploring the wilderness where nothing wild exists, except my thoughts..

And that one right there is where the heart is, on the dark side of Uranus, hiding away under the blue, burdened with all the sadness in the world, with all the fears, all the worry, but more with all the joy and all the love in it..

Can you see that little one right there? The one with the big hallow around it? That's where the dreams are, with a shock-wave around them to protect them from reality.. on Saturn..

And Jupiter, just between my thoughts and my dreams, standing there holding my confusion.. That's where I go when I want to enjoy the beauty of feeling completely clueless and lost..

There's Venus too for feeling clueless, but it's mostly to feel a girl.. It's good from time to time to feel girly..

Mercury just ahead Venus, is for serenity, is when you know you're almost there..

Neptune, the other blue ball next to Uranus, that's my peace of mind there..

But can you see Pluto out there? The furthest of them all? Yes that little deserted ball in the end! That's where I take you!! Beyond my success (Mercury), beyond my silliness (Venus), beyond my world (Earth), beyond my frustration (moon), beyond my thoughts (Mars), beyond my fears (Jupiter), beyond my dreams (Saturn), beyond my heart (Uranus), my coward heart (the dark side of Uranus), and my peace of mind (Neptune).. That's where I take you..

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