Shower Guy

Couple of months ago, a friend of mine wanted to tour a friend of hers on our little city. And since she needed a tour herself as much as he needed, she called me up and I was their tour guide. Something I love to do whenever I get the chance, for no apparent reason, other than the fact that it's very amusing to see how people can perceive a part of your daily life as a totally new experience.

One of the most touristic attractions in my city, is "Khan Al Saboun", in other words, it's just a place where they sell hand made soap, with different shapes, different uses, and different scents. I have a collection myself, mostly Lavender and Amber, one of my two favorite scents, whenever I get a chance to smell.

So after our visit to the Soap Shop (my English for Khan el Saboun), the friend of my friend explained to us why he bought so many soaps. He told us the story of the shower guy, whom he met during a trip to india. He's a pro at telling stories by the way. So the story goes like this, as he was wandering in the streets of Mumbai, he couldn't help but notice this guy who held something under hir arm, so tight, as if it was a treasure, with a very big smile on his eyes. He was walking very quickly, but short steps. And my friend couldn't help but follow him, the guy had a very intriguing overall ora, and my friend is just curious. few steps later, the guy stops near a public waterspot (I'm not sure that's what it's called, but I'm sure you got the picture), he takes off his clothes and he starts rubbing himself with soap. My friend says he had never seen someone rub himself this much with soap, nor someone that happy and that eager to be taking a shower. He showed him how important a shower could be. That shower indian guy tought my friend that what we take for a daily normal act of personal hygiene, is a blessing we should be more aware of.

At that time, I just thought that my friend's friend just has a story for everything! Which I liked, to be fair. But today, after about 3 days or maybe more of stinkiness, and almost a coma, or was it more? Anyway, as I experienced an unconventional joy during my shower, where I felt that I wanted to thank everyone involved in the industry of shampoo and shower gel making, I couldn't help but remember my friend's story. I truly felt the blessing of personal hygiene!


Nour Kabbara said...

LOL, I just took a good, long bath after reading that... Freshness! :-)

Rawaa said...

Hehe, Na3iman!!