Diaries of LaLa PrototypeX - III

It's Yellow day.. It's that day of the year where everyone who's supposed to die dies.

"They" decided it's more appropriate if people mourn on the same day, and if people faced the fear of dying once/ year only. If you wake up to see the yellow sky, you know that for sure you have another year to live, which by the way, happens to be formed of 30 terrestrial days. Knowing the exact year you'll die in, is a privilege that comes when you purchase your "eternal knowledge" package, which is only available for senior LaLa landers, and not for prototypes like myself.

Personally, even if I were authorized, I wouldn't purchase that package. I think my experience on Earth taught me not to fall for shiny titles. An ETERNAL knowledge that will let me know when I will die. PFT! A new way to make us more uncertain on whether we're ephemeris, or not..

I wouldn't want to know when I'd die, my life will be over the second I'd know. It will be a series of preparations for death. And I wouldn't want to be one of those who never realized how important it is to seize the day and live their lives to the fullest, until they're sure it's over..

I was born sure that it will be over.. So I wake up to see the Yellow sky.. I look outside the window, and try to guess where the sun is.. I wonder why "They" never changed the sun... "They" either turn it on or off, but it still seems like the same sun I used to know.. I just no longer have the same skin to enjoy it..

As I watch prototypes passing by, confused on whether they should be mourning or celebrating their retention of life, I couldn't help but smile. We're played beautifully indeed: "They" gave us one day to mourn when in fact there's noone to mourn! I don't even know the name of my Green Boy, I was sure I'll never see him again, as emotion sensors would not allow us to be in the same area. I don't know any of those prototypes passing by, not even the girls, and nor the boys, and never will. They could die, or not, noone would really know. All we could know is we're alive. I'll never understand why "They" do the things "They" do.

But as long as it's Yellow Day, I might enjoy my time trying to guess where the sun really is..

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