Almost, but not quite..

I spent this weekend in the capital, where I lived 4 years of my life, and which I left 2 years ago. I've been there throughout the past 2 years, but I guess I was more optimistic about this visit, thinking there should be more life than the past 3 unstable years. But I was wrong, and I couldn't help but wonder why was I optimistic to begin with. Maybe I'm just trying hard to believe in our new President. But I guess like all previous presidents, prime ministers, and other political leaders in my country, it's just not gonna work out between us. But I know I could be dreadfully picky sometimes!

So after a short weekend full of reminiscence and great memories of the old Beirut, the one that used to be at least 4 times crowded than now. The one where it felt safe for a girl like me to wonder alone, even at late hours of the night. I remember when I used to say that Beirut is lovely, if only it was less crowded. I didn't realize back then that the beauty of capitals is how crowded it could be, how wonderful it is when you find a quiet street after spending half an hour in a suffocating traffic. I didn't think I'd miss waiting in line for my American Coffee at Starbucks, or that I'd love to go to a restaurant where they'd kick me out because I have no reservations..

It's just not the same.. And it's just sad.. Walking into a city in agony..

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