Convenient Truth

But this.. Just because you say it.. Just because you believe.. Doesn't mean that it's true..
Just because you saw it.. It doesn't mean that it's true..
None of this is true.. None of what you believe.. and none of what you say..
Just this state of a never ending confusion.. Where you try to reassure yourself with imagination..
Nothing more than imagination.. Where the truth is nothing more than just a rug cliche that nobody cares about.. Does anyone really care about the truth? Or only for convenient answers? Answers that makes us more comfortable than the truth.. Answers that match denial.. This state of nonchalance that we can't figure out how to get out from.. That we're too afraid to leave..
And just because we're comfortable there, it doesn't mean that it's true.. It doesn't necessarily need to be any close from the truth..
Just because you believe in it.. just because you're sure of it.. it doesn't mean that it's true..


Anonymous said...

Wooops .. what temperament!
Are you mad or what!?

chikapappi said...

Well, I'd say if it makes you feel good temporarily 3ady just don't let it consume your thoughts..