And Baby, this one is for you!

Sometimes sit take a good book, sometimes a simple ad slogan, sometimes just a silly song, and other times just a sad look.. Sometimes it takes a good laugh, or a sad tear.. And other times, it takes absolutely nothing, just a state of boredom..

Sometimes it's just a way to express myself, and sometimes it's just a way to keep quite, and other times a straight way to make a scene, but many times to be discrete.. But Baby, this one is for you..

Sometimes it never ends, and other times it never begins.. A sentence stuck between two lines, or a story going on and on with no end.. Sometimes with lots of meanings, and other times you fail to notice the point.. Sometimes just to create an echo, and sometimes just to shut the crowd.. Sometimes for everyone, and sometimes for just one.. But Baby, this one is just for you..

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