Same but quite different!

It's another Sunday, yet, a different one.
It's another war on TV, another rerun of another movie, another political show, another tense family conversation, and another Sunday meal..

It's really just another normal day, like any other Sunday, yet, it just feels different.
I used to be more rational before, if there are no evidence of how different this day is, then it's not different.. But the more I grow, the more I start to believe in the power of the "feeling". And it just feels different. Maybe it's just the different haircut.. Maybe it's just that with all the similarities, each day is somehow different, you're older one day than the day before, and one week from the Sunday before. Even if it's the same movie you watch for the 10th time, you somehow manage to notice something different, something meaningless most of the times, but it's just different..

Every day, no matter how boring it may seem, brings a new kind of boredom with it.. A new kind of repetition of the days before..

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