Stolen Happiness

I live in this part of the world where people get scared when they're happy...
Whenever they enjoy their time, whenever they feel really happy deep down, they'd say "Allah yestor" (may God save us from what may come).. Every feeling of happiness comes with a fear that what will come is definitely worse, that they ought to be punished for this feeling.. As if happiness can only be fulfilled in the dark alleys, at late hours of the night when everybody else is asleep, and noone there to witness.. As if the only safe place to be happy is in your closet, or in the basement.. And the best time is almost never..

I live in this part of the world where people feel they should steal happy moments that they're not entitled to live.. That they should secretly enjoy life, and never let anyone know it.. That they should never show any desires, and try to kill any pleasure they would have..

Yes, I live in this part of the world where people are afraid from the sun, afraid from feeling warm, afraid from enjoying the fresh breeze.. Where people try to burry their dreams and their hopes under the rugs.. Where you wipe off your real smile by a fake laugh..

It's in this part of the world where happiness is a crime.. Pleasure is a sin.. And dreams are nothing but foolish games to be thrown away.. Where insanity doesn't even make sense..

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