Walking Away

This is the first time I start writing by starting with the title. I always leave it to the end.. This time, there's nothing different about my life.. I guess there isn't anything new about yours either.. And even when there is, whether it's a joy or a sorrow, you remain yourself.. Broken into millions of pieces, and just trying to pretend you're an entity..

We're nothing but scatters in this universe.. Me, you and her.. Maybe there are those lucky few who figured it out.. But the rest of us are just standing here.. Next to me, lost in a universe they still can't get familiar with.. Lost in days that seem to be new, but are all the same.. Lost in this loop of emptiness.. Lost in translation perhaps..

We're nothing but scatters of universe.. Blown together, sometimes to the left.. Sometimes to the right.. And at the best of our times, we believe for few seconds that we figured it out, that we have a clue.. Then we look at the crowd around to realize that we're all nothing but scatters, lost in this loop that we call universe.. And we all think, for few seconds, that we figured it out..

And.. I'm walking away..
I'm sailing away..


Anonymous said...

Ett sista ord…
Om han kapade den sista linan mellan din båt och hans hamn medan han stirrade på dig segla iväg, så är det bara för att han skämdes för det han gjorde, och absolut INTE för vad du skrev här uppe.
Det du skrev här,om honom... existerar bara i DITT fantasi värld… det berör honom inte.
HAN står på fastlandet

Rawaa said...

It really not about a HE, nor about a SHE.. But I like what you wrote.. It's just about me sailing away :)

Anonymous said...

Jag har inte försökt att vara kaxig här ovan, utan, tvärtom.
Och du...snälla, sluta håna mig genom ditt leende, jag är redan förödmjukad. Jag väntar bara på, att jorden öppnar och sväljer mig, för att försvinna en gång,och för alltid.

Rawaa said...

Hahha.. Ok no more smiling, but no need for you to be ashamed either.. I was just clarifying that most of the posts are just about me, not about people in my life..