The journey started as we were running away from the night.. It was just crawling behind us, and the captain of the ship tried to speed as much as possible, and we stayed there for awhile, hanging on between the the day and the night, until, all of a sudden, it got completely dark.. As if the night was fed up with us trying to play with our little aircraft, thinking we could beat the time, thinking we could be the night..

So we landed, on a very dark night, quite cold one too.. And I realized that darkness is not as scary as it may seem.. In its own way, it gives you the sense of protection.. Along with the sense of apprehension, you cannot help but feeling that it's safe to be the real you out there.. In the dark, where nobody can truly see you.. I held the bag in one hand, my fears and my dreams in the second one.. And I walked into a city with a soul of its own.. A city I've never been to before, yet, cannot but seem very familiar.. And I knew I'm coming home..

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