A Shooting Star..

It's been a really long time I haven't experienced little girls' excitement over what may seem not so interesting events, but that would mean the world to them..

Yesterday, I saw a shooting star.. I don't recall if I made any wishes, maybe I did as a first reaction, but it's not about ceasing the opportunity to try to push your wish around the universe; it's about that little hope only a dying star can give you..

My shooting star was so fast like a glimpse of an eye, so quick that for a second there I thought it's only an optical illusion. But deep inside, right there in the back of my mind, I knew I saw it, moreover I knew I need to believe in it. I need to believe that some things don't happen on a daily basis, not even annually, but eventually, one day they will happen. One day I will happen.

My shooting star came at one of the moments when I use the darkness to hide my tears, when I crawl in the backseat of a car, holding my fragile soul in my hands, and offering it to the wind of the unknown growing stronger with the speed of the driver.. And my fragile soul shaking, and just as I was putting my hands out of the window, to let the stream take it away, along with everything else, a star decided to die.. A shooting star decided to save my soul, to let me know that it will happen, that I will happen.

So I took my soul back, my fragile soul. Looked back at the sky, perhaps hoping for another star to fall off, but I knew I shouldn't push my luck that much..
So I turned my eyes back on the road, that long road ahead of me...

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