It's raining today, the winter took a bit of time to come this year, it's slightly cold, but deep inside, it just feels colder and colder than every other year.
What I like most about the weather is that it's always the greatest material to start a topic, in my case today, to start a feeling, to develop a dream.. Perhaps, to fall in love as well. Perhaps to just have something to talk about.. Anything to live for, anything to die for...
Actually, I'm not really looking anymore for any reason for any.. Not everything in life needs to be justified. I live, I die, I didn't need a reason to breathe in the first place, why would I need one now? And when I die, it wouldn't be my choice either, so again, why waste time finding reasons for that? Why waste time pushing meanings into what completely was, and will always be ABSURD!

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