Diaries of LaLa PrototypeX - VI

Dear Diary,

As I walked around LaLa Land, feeling enlightened, I decided I'm no longer aiming to become a girl, being an enlightened prototype made me feel complete, made me feel that becoming a girl was only the logical next step for those who didn't know better. And now, I know better!

My first decision was to pick a name for myself, and for the parrot as well. Now that I have someone who could call my name, I should pick a name I'd like to hear. It's not easy to pick a name, it's something that will stick with you for the rest of your life, it's who you will be from now on. That was a tough decision!

It still is a tough decision, since I haven't figured out yet what to call myself. Maybe, Stella.. It was a name I used to like, and I used for a while during my life on Earth. Yes the voices told me my life on Earth didn't exist, but it did. I was there, but I'm here today! And that's what they meant, that what really matters is TODAY, right where I stand. Today, I stand on the edge of the world, Lala's world, in a magenta sky, with a color fading slowly and slowly, announcing the end of the day..

I never knew what the sky looked like when the day ended, so I stood there, with Coucou on my shoulder, gazing at a sky that can never become familiar, fading away into what I will soon discover..


Dreamer said...
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Rawaa said...

Thank you :)