My personal monologue

Once upon time, I was arrogant enough to believe that I understand human being.. That was very long time ago.. The more I live the more people confuse me.. The more I see the more things make less sense, that is if they ever made sense in the first place..

Human vanity, selfishness and arrogance remain one of the main things that exhaust me. And yes I chose the word "exhaust". It is exhausting to argue with people who are arrogant enough to consider that they know everything, and that you, poor little creature who doesn't get things, are just so cute when you think you know.. I'm sick as well of tolerent people who, by their tolerence, insinuate that in fact they are right, you are definitely wrong, but they are graceful enough to allow you freedom of opinion.. Well THANK YOU very much..

I'm also sick of people who pretend that they accomplished things by taking credit for other people's work. Sick of people who argue back and forth for hours without ever giving you the time to finish a sentence, thinking that they know ahead what you're going to say. To sum it up, I'm bored of people going into endless monologues about themselves, about life, about you, about me,..

I'm tired of people who have no purpose in life as much as I am tired of those who have plenty of purposes. Of those who believe in God as much as of those who don't. Those who complain about everything, and those who are satisfied with everything and anything. Those who are always on the opposition side, and those who run!

I'm sick of people who never change anything, and those who change everything without knowing what they want to change to..

I'm tired of people falling back in the same traps that led them to wars not so long ago, and tired of those who remained silent for years ruled by tyrants.. I'm tired as well of having to be hypocrite, because you should feel, think and be compliant with certain standards, without every having a manual for appropriate social behavior.. I'm just sick, like every now and then, of social obligations: having to be polite, not beating people up when you find them stupid, forcing yourself to accept others' ideas without judging them, being neutral and "objective".. being good..

And the list goes on..

Everything is just moving very fast, and you no longer have the luxury to take a pause to figure it out, unless if you really want to quit it all..

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