From Libya

A testimonial of a Libyan citizen near Tripoli - unedited:

I live close to Tripoli and a citizen..wondering how after all what he is doing a human being can still be for..I had hope in the "Libya of tomorrow" as they called it a lot of my generation..the ones he named "the generation of anger", sarcastically of course. This generation knows him only and his cruelty and tactiques to control spreading fear, avidity, doubt..as he is doing even more these two day..I had hope in gradual change like a lot of Libyans who are pacific by nature..I worked for projects and wanted to see the end of the tunnel even if apart of some meager crumbles of positive points we clunched to..the corruption was/still is eating the country..corruption from inside yes but internationally as well..the government bought European countries...America ..Big "Democracies" lecture makers..This way to delaying ...not thinking but wondering who is going to be the next one to deal with for business and oil even on coarps of innocent people ..as usual..as usual.

The situation?

Isolation..even more..mobile connections are jammed smses randomly reach or not ..but threatening SMS are spread..others are buying ..credit is offered to corrupt..so the situation is quite..we never had bombarding..the word used in Arabic is wrong..what may have happened is shootings from a helicopter as friends saw shot holes on the top of buildings..some of the weaponds are heavy ones as you can hear in some of the videos u have already (the one at night in tripoli city)

Today people are the four options you proposed and persisting persisting persisting ..because we all know..that he never threats in the air..and he never had mercy..

Expats at this point are not worth more than libyans before the eyes of the mercenaries..so they are of course scared and shocked..

For the question..yes, some are still afraid and unsecure..the net, phone..all is filtered and filed for future repressions as usual..

But...a big percentage stopped being afraid and talk freely on the phone..nearly..

The Eastern area is all free..the Western as well..only Tripoli and it's surrounding cities are still oppressed..three military bases surround them preventing, for the moment, the ones from outside to go in with their weaponds and help the ones inside who have only their bare hands to fight militias who don't think twice before shooting..our youth isn't afraid..they do not want to die and desapear uselessly as it already and is happening..They are isolated...but really angry offended in their deepest pride..we have always been offended and reduced swallowing and swallowing in the name of peace and hope..enough

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marooned84 said...

Fear is what crippled all of us for more than half a century. Now fear is down, and with it dictators and their mercenaries will fall.