The fear of our unified identities..

I was reading this article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/07/22/AR2010072206154_3.html?sid=ST2010072206297
And I couldn't help but stop at this sentence: "The company's ethos implies that people should "have one identity -- that perhaps it's unethical to present one identity at the office and another at home, or one face at the golf course" and another at a party, says Kirkpatrick. Maybe everyone should know us as the same person, whomever we decide that is online.

Maybe we are afraid of our own unified identities? "

Maybe we are.. But ti doesn't only happen on Facebook.. It was happening long before Facebook in our daily life, and is still happening.. But to be honest, there are very few brave people who don't cave in to social pressures, and still be all they are in front of anyone, anytime.. Society mostly labels these people as: asocial, weirdos, rude, freaks.. To be polite, we say: they lack social skills.. What is the definition of social skills?

Well one of the many web definition, the shortest one, is "the ability to interact with other people and to function in groups." Hmm.. To interact, as in acting mutually? And the word of the day is "Function".. Another intriguing term to qualigy social skills.. Because to function implies having requirements as well as a manual.. The manual is usually called manners, and the requirements differ from one group to another.. Ok I agree that in some groups the usual "manners" are not really the right code of conduct, but we're not dealing with exceptions here..

SO here it is.. Facebook didn't change the world.. We have always mutilated ourselves to fit better in whatever place we wanted to fit in.. And the rules to fit in? There isn't.. The rule is to simply imitate those who seem to be there before you.. We don't call it lies and deception.. We simply call it social skills.. For the first, they were known as the survival skills.. But we're too civilized to admit that we are still that primitive..

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