There are two types of answers: yes or no..
There are also: north and south, east and west, hot and cold, black and white..

But the fact is, there's a whole lot more choices laying between extremes, and most of the time, it's in this between area that we pick our answers, our clothes, and our friends.. Still, I find it fascinating that after thousands of years on earth, thousands of life experiences, we still define life as simple as day and night, light and dark, good or bad, right or wrong..

I just can't help but wonder where did this "bipolarism" come from? Man and Woman? What about those who are born with both genital organs? We evolved to 3D, yet we still define everything based on 1D axis.. The beginning and the end! Ironically all the action you get at the beginning is having your embryological cord cut and a big pat to get you to shout your lungs out.. And the end, well, no matter how diversified the possibilities are, it always ends in silence.. Maybe this is what life is: a big scream, and then one day, the time comes for you to simply shut up.. Maybe this is the simple explanation of our tendency towards bipolarizing, we subconsciously relate it to life and death.. But we fail to notice that we have lots of other things happening along the way..

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