Random thoughts about everything and nothing..

Just because you write notes on facebook doesn't mean you're a writer..

Just because you have a blog doesn't make you a writer either..

Just because you published several books, doesn't mean you're a writer either.. Most leaders of the world today published books, some of them didn't even read them..

Being a world leader today is actually being a salesman.. You need to sell at a state level what your country produces: weapons, aircrafts, nuclear plants, oil exploration sites, and the list is long.. It would be better if they had a business experience rather than politics.. Well in that matter, Lebanese are cutting edge, if you want to become a prime minister, just be a millionaire businessman.. It doesn't mean that you would actually have enough money to buy the post, but you'd have a shot at it..

Speaking of Lebanese, just because you say "hi, kifak, ça va?" doesn't make you trilingual.. But I'll give you the credit for knowing how to sell yourself.. (in the good sell, as in market your skills, not in prostitution way)..

Prostitution.. is to get favors (money, a job, a phone, and sometimes even sillier things) in exchange of sexual services.. Unfortunately, some girls think that they managed to get what they want due to their "femininity"..

Femininity is to actually get what you want without having to perform a blowjob..

A blow job cost Dominique Straus Khan the head of FMI, and potentially his chances at becoming a president of France.. Dommage.. It was just another example of how some men are controlled by their "zizi" as the french call it.. Apparently soon a new tv show called "the zizi effect", in comparison to "Al jazeera effect"..

Just because Al Jazeera said it (and other media), doesn't make it true.. But when the national TV (in some friendly countries) says it, then it's definitely not true..

True.. truth is the version you choose to believe in.. there are facts.. it's different.. Truth is a metaphysical philosophical concept than can be found on so many levels.. However if you believe that you can find the truth on TV, or in the decision of an International Court, then you'll be disapponited..

Disappointment, is a very strong weapon.. You can use it to request a better performance from people you have authority on.. And you can use it as an excuse to lay in bed and give up in front of people who have authority on you..

Depression.. became a common word, and a common feeling.. You easily say that you're depressed, that you're down.. Very few know what it really feels like to hit rock bottom..

Just because you have suicidal thoughts, doesn't mean you're down either.. Consider it as part of your daily creativity, your longing for tragedy, and then DO NOT JUMP in front of the train, just get on it, and reach your destination..

Destination is as vague as home.. GPS won't help you find either..

GPS.. this great tool, yet very abusive.. you can ctually be tracked anywhere you are, anytime.. And now the new gadget is to actually allow Facebook, and friends to check you into places where you are.. Considering that half of your facebook friends are not really your friends, I don't see how some people are not revolted by this invasion of privacy... I'm referring to those who enjoy the gadget and didn't deactivate it..

But I learnt recently that common sense is not as common as we'd like to think.. Didn't you ever have this question: "how the hell is this person thinking?".. Well I'm sure some people say that about you too.. But still my ego persuades me that my logic is very logical..

Just because your ego makes you think you're right, doesn't mean you have to go in endless arguing with those who are not as enlightened as you.. Sometimes it's good to stick to social code of conduct and just live and let live..

As for the social code of conduct, I still didn't find the manual, but some people seem to know a lot about it.. Maybe it's smart to just do what they do.. Unless if you don't care, which is a relief in most of the times.. Others will say you're a weirdo, but noone will expect much from you either.. it keeps the pressure off..

And one last thing, if you have a zillion friend online, if you tweet more than 50 times per day, if you change your status on Facebook at least 3 times per day, and if you think that people love you just because they press like when you say "I'm bored".. Then you should seriously disconnect, and start living real life..

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